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Sports at Hope Academy: Building character and leadership – being a winner, losing gracefully, and setting goals

“I think sports are so important — although education and work are vital for a child’s development (and of course responsibilities must be met), being active and taking time to let go and have some fun are also essential. “– Katie Michelle Thompton   Katie reflects on sports and life at Hope Academy during her second […]

Generating income while learning a skill: students making beads (for jewelry) from recycled paper

In an effort to impart practical skills in students going through Hope Academy, we established the Creative Arts and Crafts Center which offers training in various crafts, painting, music, dance and drama. In the picture on the right are some of the students at Hope Integrated academy, Jane (tailor) and Flavia being involved in making beads […]

Wishing S.4 class success in their national exams during October and November

It’s that season of the year when students completing O’level and A’level have to reap what they sowed in the past four or two years respectively. This year’s class of 24 students is Hope Academy’s third graduating class since the school started in 2008. So far, there has been a steady improvement in academic performance […]

Enrollment rises to 62 pupils at St. Mary Junior Academy

A community school, just a few months in operation is seeing gradual increase in enrollment. St. Mary Junior Academy was started as a community effort by parents of the Gankanga and surrounding villages in collaboration with URF. Parents committed to staffing and supporting their school as an investment in their children’s education. So far, three teachers […]

A village pledges to build a house for a granny: seeks help with roofing, door, windows

  Lwetamu village has committed to building a house for granny whose old house is crumbling.  This granny, Berna lives alone. She lost all the seven children she had and her husband. The community has pledged material to build her a new house and is seeking URF assisting with funds for roof, windows, door, nails. URF Kampala chapter […]

Medical students reaching out through med camps, health talks, & training village health workers

A team of seven medical students from University of Minnesota collaborated with URF on a successful medical mission During July and August, 2011. They were assisted by three medical students from Makerere University, Uganda. The team extended the training of Village Health Workers for each village who are carrying health education for preventative care. During […]

Revamped Lab to boost science education at Hope Academy

If you have studied sciences you know how critical it is to have access to a science lab for practical expriements. It’s hard to imagine a student mastering sciences such as Biology, Chemistry or Physics without the opportunity to experience of practical experiments. But this is the reality of thousands of schools in rural Uganda […]

Empowered to take action: Three villages start a kindergarten to educate their children

“Zone A (Gankanga, Lwempama and Gamugungu villages) have opened up their Nursary school with around 30 kids now running for two weeks.” by Martin It’s amazing what people can do when they are empowered to address challenges facing their communities. In summer of 2011, URF rolled out a new model of community development by motivating people […]

Leadership & Career Development Symposium inspires young professionals to take action

“The experience I got from the workshop was great. Topicssuch as drafting application letters, curriculum vitae, interview code of conduct, and communication skills were interesting. I learnt some new things that I always took for granted but are important.–by Grace Otto On July 27th, 2011 URF Kampala chapter hosted the Leadership and Career Development Symposium which […]