A new home and new prospects for a better life for a child headed family

This term we have got a new house which was built by URF. Thank you so much. I’m now for my holidays and I hope to help up my family with some house work.”–Living

Living Ninsaba’s family is one of the families URF supports under the Child Headed Families program in Lwengo district. URF has been supporting such families headed by children or elderly parents or grandparents since 2008. We provide them with the basic needs at home, education, and medical services.

In this family there are five children: Ninsaba Living (13yrs), Kyalisiima Christine (11yrs), Kyalikunda Sharon (9yrs), Ninsiima Emmanuel (8yrs), and Naturinda Rogers (6yrs).

The children have been living in their grandmother’s house together with their mother. But the house was in bad shape and they surely needed a new home. Their father disappeared from his family in 2007 and he died in 2009.

The mother took the role of looking for her family though she could only dig for others to get some money to sustain her family. Unfortunately, as time went on the grandmother started chasing the children from her home and sometimes rocking them out. They had nowhere to go young as they.

In June 2011, URF built for them a house on the piece of land they had well stocked with the bedding, house materials and others. They are now living with their mother in the middle of the picture and they are now happy for what URF has done for them.

Many THANKS to the volunteers who contributed funds and labour toward this project.

Further, URF has set up vegetable gardens for the family for both home consumption and selling in the market.

Let’s continue to help these needy children. Three of them have got sponsors while the others have no.

By Martin Mugerwa, URF staff

vegetable garden


Living Ninsaba

Christine Kyalisiima

Sharon Kyalikunda