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Amidst all the desperation and struggling living conditions, there is a thread of hope, by Claire Meade

“I was humbled by the villagers’ willingness to welcome us into their homes and into their lives, even if just for a moment. ” –Claire Meade, TX, USA-  (URF volunteer during July, 2011) An account of Claire’s time in rural Uganda with URF: Though it was too short, my time with the Uganda Rural Fund in […]

Ugandans Helping Ugandans: Engaging young professionals in community development

We have a great pool of talent in Uganda as the percentage of young people graduating from college/university rises. There is a great deal of brain power and passionate souls, and if we could tap into this resource, with all the energy and enthusiasm young people have for their country, we can really set our […]

Health talks, medical camp, business classes, vegetable gardens and lots more

“Health talks are taking place in rural areas in Kyetume this week.  A group of medical students from the university of Minessota have headed these talks and so many people have attended them” — Martin Here are brief updates from the group by one of our staff in Kyetume. There is a lot of exciting […]

Be A Mentor, Be A Role Model and change a life (Big Sister/Big Brother Program)

Dear friend, we all have had individuals who have been very significant in our lives – parents, friends, siblings, relatives etc who acted as role models and big inspirations to us. They are the people who challenge us, who uplift us, who push us to keep going, who show us a sense of direction, and […]