Getting orphans and vulnerable kids back into school

Many kids who would have been in school are stranded in the villages because they don’t have anyone to spupport them with tuition and basic requirements. URF is on a mission to invite back kids who had dropped out of school for financial reasons to provide them an opportunity to complete their high school education. During the month of May, we have been able to bring back seven students to classroom. Some of them had been home for over two years. One of them is Teopista, 16 who sat for Primary seven exams in 1998 and since then she had not been able to afford to go to high school. Her father died when she was little and now is left with the mother who has very little income. The mother had decided will only afford to push her kids up to to Primary seven. Florence, 14 and her brother, Ronald faced a similar fate. They had started secondary but did not finish the first year and the mother run out of money for tuition so they had to sit home until recently when they heard that URF could help them return to school. If you wish to sponsor any of these deserving children, please contact me for details.

Teopista, JM, and Florence