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Community strategic planning workshop: promoting participatory community development

On Saturday June 04th, 2011 URF mobilized leaders and residents from the 22 villages we serve for a Community Strategic Planning Workshop. The villages were grouped into 11 Zones; each comprising of two or three neighboring villages that form a catchment area for service delivery. The main objective was to promote participatory community development, empowering people to […]

Getting orphans and vulnerable kids back into school

Many kids who would have been in school are stranded in the villages because they don’t have anyone to spupport them with tuition and basic requirements. URF is on a mission to invite back kids who had dropped out of school for financial reasons to provide them an opportunity to complete their high school education. […]

Launching the Leadership Institute at Hope Academy

Leadership is key any form of progress in society. URF has established a Leadership Institute in an effort to empower youth and adults with leadership skills that will enable them to become agents of positive change within their communities. The program is starting out at Hope Academy with general student population and some special sessions […]

Medical Clinic opens: taking steps to provide access to health care

During URF’s village profiling exercise conducted in the recent months, the most recurring outcry from the people was the urgent need for clean water and affordable health care for almost all the communities we serve. These two needs are intertwined and URF is making effort to address them both. We are excited to announce the opening of […]

Community visits paving way for a new URF service delivery model

There can always a disconnect between the perceptions of Directors of NGOs who make decisions on program implementation and the reality that exists on the ground. While in Uganda this summer, I visited the various communities we serve in an effort to close this gap. My visits were an eye opener. I was humbled by […]

Medical camp draws close to 300 people for treatment

On Saturday, May 21st, 2011, children and adults walked miles to take advantage of basic treatment that was offered at the URF’s first medical camp. URF organized a team of two doctors, three nurses and a lab technician who worked tirelessly to see that every patient was attended to. Several referrals were made to the […]