Dormitory for kids walking miles to get to Hope Academy

As the school grows, the number of kids walking miles and miles to come to school increases and thus the urgent need for student housing.

In January, the Kasters in Minnesota put togethera benefit concert at a local restaurant. Theproceeds from this fundraiser have gone toward building a student dormitory at Hope Academy. It is a simple house with two large rooms which canaccommodate total of about 35 students. There is an increasing need for accommodation forstudents who walk long distances to get to school. It is going to take us a while to build the permanent structures we have designed; so, it was logical to start small.

We will need more funds to complete the building and also for beds, mattresses, and other supplies. A bunk bed costs $100, a mattress $30, blanket $7 and pair of bedsheets $5. Any contribution would be appreciated.