Bridget Nabulya: Help me complete college

Am Nabulya bridget 20yrs old . I am the only child to my mother but I am not the only dependant. I never had chance to share great moments with my dad as he passed away when I was still a baby; he passed away in the same year I was born. So I have been raised by mother. My mother operates a local food vandal and from this business she has been able to support all of us who depend entirely on her. I’m asthmatic and this has given my mother a very had time mostly when it came to paying my medical bills and my tuition. But now the situation has put mother in a very tight corner as she can no longer afford my education costs at the University. This has diminished my dream of completing my education and help out some of my young ones. I joined University last year to study Information Technology. I completed a semester but I didn’t sit for all exams  because I failed to complete the tuition. I have been trying to get scholarships but what makes me feel sad is that some people want marriage in return, if not sleeping with me of which I can’t submit to.

I’m left with two and a half years to complete this course. I want to became an IT consultant and I have my big dream of starting up my own IT firm in Uganda and East Africa at large. The tuition for each semester and hostel amount to $700. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. My hobbies include making new friends, sharing my culture, music, dancing and cracking jokes with my friends.

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