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Entrepreneurship & Business Skills training is key to sustainable development for Africa

URF believes that empowering people through business skills development is one of the best way to ensure real sustainable development for Africa. You have to help people identify business opportunities within their communities and be able to generate their own income rather than relying on charity which simply perpetrates a cycle of dependence. In August […]

Creativity Day at Hope Academy: arts can inspire, educate, and unite people

“Creativity Day was reassuring proof to me that the arts can inspire, educate, and unite people no matter what differences they have or challenges they may be facing,” Katie M. Thompson Celebrating Scholarship and Creativity Day is organized every semester to provide students an opportunity to explore talents and build skills outside of the classroom. Students […]

At Girls’ Leadership Camp, we were taught many things; life skills, relationships, friends, HIV and education

“I liked this camp because it was for girls only. I learnt how to protect myself from HIV, how to clean my body, and how to behave as a girl. I also learnt how I can set my goals in my future.” Nakizza Edivina On this page you find brief accounts of the girls who participated […]