URF Book Bank & URF Grassroots Educators -youths helping each other

Imagine going through school without a single textbook! This is the reality that kids in rural schools face everyday. Majority of rural schools do not have libraries. URF has stepped in to fill the gaps.

We collect used text books, pamphlets, past exam papers, handouts, student notes, and other scholastic materials from students in city and other well-to-do schools and distribute them to students in poor rural schools around the country. This program empowers students to help fellow students.

If you have any of the above materials to donate, please contact us at 751-361058, 070-2299830  or email urfkampala@ugandaruralfund.org   Those outside of Uganda, please remember that it’s very expensive to ship books to Uganda. You may want to donate money to buy the buys locally or pay for shipping for your package.

URF Grassroots Educators

Grassroots Educators is a tutoring program for students in rura schools.

We invite volunteer university students, O & A’level graduates in vacation to run tutoring camps helping students in poor schools around the country to improve their performance on UNEB. The program aims to bridge the gap in academic achievement between poor and urban schools. A team of two to five volunteer educators may run a tutoring camp for a few schools in the area anywhere in the country.

For more information, contact Francis 077-3251823 or Robinnah 0772-570893 or email urfkampala@ugandaruralfund.org