Educating child-led household orphans – a video of their life stories

child-led-household-kidsHave you ever imagined yourself raising a family at age 6, 10, 14? What would that life be like – to be a dad, a mom, an uncle, an aunt and at the same time brother and sister to your siblings? Now, you’re like, yikes; who in the world does that!! Well, kids like Deo, Rosemary, Martin, and hundreds of others in Africa are doing just that, and that’s all the life they know. Child-led households is a growing reality in Africa where many kids loose parents to AIDS and are left with no one to take care of them. With no option, they must assume parental responsibilities for themselves and their little siblings.

Chris Blake, troubled by this reality, set off to give a voice to some of these amazing kids in Uganda to share their stories on video. These kids are just like any of us, like any of your kids, or your siblings; they are ordinary kids robbed of their childhood. Placed in challenging circumstances,prisicilla 2 it’s only hope and resilience left to count on for survival. They have become extra-ordinary “parents” and caring siblings.

In the following videos, their candid plea is for two things: 1) EDUCATION and 2) FOOD. These kids are convinced that it’s only education that promises a better future and provides a glimmer of hope. URF is calling upon all of to join forces and give hope to these deserving kids – through sponsorship for their education. Your contribution of:
– $100 will educate a child for a trimester, and
– $300 for a year.
– $1200 for four years of high school education
Also can you imagine how many kids you can give an education when you sponsor a teacher? 125!! Your gift of $150 will pay a teacher for a month; $450 for a trimester; and $1000 pays salaries for all teachers for a month.

Child-led Household Kids’ Stories Video 1

Child-led Household Kids’ Stories Video 2

If you choose to sponsor a child, please make check to Uganda Rural Fund and mail to:
       Uganda Rural Fund
       300 Fraser Purchase Road
        Latrobe, PA 15650

Direct any questions to John Mary at or 763-291-1102.