Promoting youth leadership through camps

URF organized Youth Leadership Camp on the weekend of August 28 – 30th which drew youth Youth_Camp_Jan08_3from Hope Academy and neighboring primary and secondary schools. The main theme focused on youth leadership, education, and personal development.

Objective: To facilitate leadership and personal development among young people. The aim was that student learn about: team building skills, decision making, social awareness and responsibility, the critical need for education in the 21st century, youth activism, public speaking, and general awareness of the critical issues in the world around them.

The camp involved activities geared at helping kids develop life skills. The boys were in charge of meals. Traditionally it’s the girls responsible for preparing meals and you find that boys don’t know how to cook. We want to have our boys understand that cooking is not just a female responsibility; a man can cook as well. Camp counselors planned various icebreakers, games and other activities that enhanced team building skills and networking skills.

The kids had opportunity to engage in fun activities and watched two movies which were followed with a discussion. “Freedom Writers” focused on the importance of believing in self, hand work, resilience amidst difficult social conditions, and the need for education. On the hand, “Sarafina” introduced the kids to the concept of youth activism and leadership especially providing an example of female leadership model.

Camp leadership was provided by students playing different roles such as, student camp manager, security crew, food service, house leaders, etc. to provide them the opportunity to exercise some leadership responsibilities. 

Skills Development: Students were given opportunity whenever possible to make public presentation or engage in active discussions during the camp sessions. Sessions were very interactive to facilitate skill building, team work, and confidence in public speaking.

Counseling/Guidance: The camp counselors were available during the breaks for one-on-one counseling/consultation with the students who may need to speak with someone. The sessions also involved career guidance talks.