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A volunteer recounts her first week’s experience in rural Uganda

“The green hills of Uganda are breathtaking, and since the villages largely still rely on agriculture and have no running water or electricity, the natural beauty is still very much intact.” First week – this post is taken from Kim Browns’ blog posted Tuesday, May 26, 2009. Click on ‘first week’ to read more about her experiences in […]

Educating child-led household orphans – a video of their life stories

Have you ever imagined yourself raising a family at age 6, 10, 14? What would that life be like – to be a dad, a mom, an uncle, an aunt and at the same time brother and sister to your siblings? Now, you’re like, yikes; who in the world does that!! Well, kids like Deo, […]

Food security: Training rural farmers in improved farming practices

Food security is a huge concern for thousands of people in Africa, and actually for millions around the world. With the mess of climate change, lives are threatened especially our people in rural communities whose lives are entirely dependent on agriculture for food and as well as economic progress. In Uganda, over 80% of the […]

Promoting youth leadership through camps

URF organized Youth Leadership Camp on the weekend of August 28 – 30th which drew youth from Hope Academy and neighboring primary and secondary schools. The main theme focused on youth leadership, education, and personal development. Objective: To facilitate leadership and personal development among young people. The aim was that student learn about: team building skills, decision […]